As we have all learnt the hard way to live with the pandemic, this issue of ECC Concord celebrates revival across businesses in the face of overwhelming odds. Perhaps, our successful fabrication of the immense full span launching equipment is the best example of succeeding in such a situation. Even as people at sites were busy catching up on lost time and ground, it is thanks largely to our partners, the Executive Assistants from across businesses, that we were able to put this issue together. Here they are in no particular order: Anirudh Bharadwaj, P T Selvam, Akshara Asok, Santosh Subramanian, Vivek Anand, Alankrit Singh, Moinudeen Akbar, Vineet, G Srinivas, Rajshekhar Pingala, Sushrut Thakre and several others! Thanks a lot, guys!

Editor: Vinod Jacob Chacko
Editorial team: Ashwin Chand | V. Eswar | Namitha Jayanarayanan
Photography: V. S. Natanavelu
Design & layout: Global Print Design, Chennai